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 Softly Lyrics

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PostSubject: Softly Lyrics   Wed 19 Dec - 1:26


"Softly" is the first single released by Leah Dizon. It was released in two editions, CD+DVD and CD Only. The CD+DVD version includes the song "FEVER", a cover of Kylie Minogue's song of the same name, which was released four months earlier as her debut digital single. The title track was used as the TV show Webtama's ending theme song. The single reached #7 on the weekly Oricon chart, and stayed on the chart for a total of 17 weeks. The single has sold 48,554 copies.

CD Only



subete ga yawarakasa ni afurete ite

tobira shimeru sono shunkan
mou sono toki kara kimi ga itoshii
hitotsu fueta kagi wo mitsumete
atarashii yasashisa afurete kuru yo

kanashii yoru koboshita hitokoto de
namida wo nugui ni kaketsukete kureta ne

*1 subete ga yawarakasa ni afurete ite
soba ni iru dake de konna ni mo shiawase
aa toki no sukima wo norikoete
dakishimeaeba motto
atatakaku nareru ne

yume no naka no kimi wa itsumo
dokoka samishiku tte tooku ni iru
haruka yozora futo miagereba
mikadzuki mo kataware sagashite iru yo

kimi no yowasa watashi mamoreru kana
donna koto demo ii
tamerawazu hanashite

*2 "oyasumi" demo mada asu ni ikitakunai
damarikonde komarasete wa waraiatte
aa yubi no sukima wo umeatte
yorisoiaeba motto
takumashiku nareru ne

hontou wa kaeritakunai
zutto issho ni itai
demo sono hanare banare ga
futari no kizuna wo motto zutto tsuyoku suru yo
I believe

*1, *2 repeat

Everything feels so soft

From that moment I closed the door
I knew I was in love with you
Staring at this new key fills me
With a tenderness I've never felt before

Words just slipped out on a sad night
You were quick to wipe my tears away

*1 Everything feels so soft
Look how happy I am when I'm with you
Ah, we'll find a way to make this last
When we hold each other close
I can feel your warmth

Somehow in my dreams
You always seem sad and far away
I look at the distant starry sky and realize
The crescent moon's also seeking its missing piece

Can you protect me with your timidness?
It doesn't matter what you say
So don't hesitate and come talk with me

*2 'Good night' but I don't want tomorrow to come
My silence is broken by our laughter
Ah, I'll clasp your fingers with mine
When we come closer together
We can become stronger

I really don't want to go back
I want to stay with you
But by spending time apart
Our bond will be that much stronger
That's why
I believe

*1, *2 repeat

全てがやわらかさに あふれていて

扉閉める その瞬間
もうその時から 君が愛しい
一つ増えた 鍵を見つめて
新しい優しさ あふれてくるよ

悲しい夜 こぼした一言で
涙をぬぐいに かけつけてくれたね

*1 全てがやわらかさに あふれていて
そばにいるだけで こんなにも幸せ
ああ 時の隙間を 乗り越えて
抱きしめあえば もっと

夢の中の 君はいつも
どこか寂しくって 遠くにいる
遥か夜空 ふと見上げれば
三日月も片割れ 探しているよ

君の弱さ 私守れるかな
ためらわず 話して

*2 「おやすみ」でもまだ明日に行きたくない
黙りこんで 困らせては 笑い合って
ああ 指の隙間を 埋め合って
寄り添い合えば もっと

本当は 帰りたくない
ずっと 一緒にいたい
でもその ハナレ バナレ が
二人の絆を もっとずっと 強くするよ
I believe

*1, *2 repeat
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Softly Lyrics
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